Avoid this durable power of attorney mistake
In the event of your incapacity, disability, or incompetence, it is helpful to have a general (financial) power of attorney in place. But it should only go into effect if and when you cannot handle your affairs. Many companies provide a durable power of attorney that immediately provides the agent powers over your financial matters, with no option for the power of attorney to “spring” into effect upon your disability, incapacity, or incompetence. Unless a deteriorating health condition exists, we caution against granting immediate effect. 

NUPP provides you with a durable power of attorney that gives you the choice of how and when it takes effect. If you wish it to take effect immediately, you also have that option. 
Our durable power of attorney is better. Here's why...
Your designated agent's ability to handle your affairs is dependent on the quality of your power of attorney. A power of attorney that does not reflect the manner or method you transact your affairs can become an insurmountable burden to your agent.

Today, we conduct much of our business electronically. Our digital footprint includes financial accounts, email, social media accounts, websites, and the devices used to access that digital information, such as computers, tablets, cell phones, and external drives. Today's durable power of attorney must specifically address digital assets for the agent to access digital accounts and records.

What about business operations? If you run a business, operations and commitments continue during your incapacity. A power of attorney should address business and personal matters separately. A financial power of attorney that does not empower an agent to pay employees and independent contractors, settle accounts, pay utilities, order supplies, hire and terminate employees, and pay taxes can lead to financial collapse. That's quite a price to pay to save a few dollars on such an important legal document.

Get the most comprehensive durable power of attorney available from NUPP Legal. You can then customize it in your word processor, removing or adding what you wish. 

A Financial Power of Attorney often referred to as a General Power of Attorney, provides the named agent powers to handle your affairs. A Durable Power of Attorney endures even after you become disabled or incapacitated. Your designated agent may be empowered to act on your behalf immediately or once you become disabled or incapacitated.

NUPP Legal's Financial Power of Attorney allows you to choose if it goes into effect immediately or upon disability or incapacity. Used in conjunction with a revocable living trust, a durable power of attorney allows the successor trustee to take over the creator's financial affairs if or when they become incapacitated or disabled.  

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Use a durable financial power of attorney to appoint someone to pay the bills and handle your affairs during a period of incapacity or disability.


Download includes:

  ----  Durable Financial Power of Attorney forms

  ----  Two formats: Rich text and Microsoft Word tab fill-in

  ----  Affidavit of Agent form

Durable Power of Attorney Document Features:

  ----  State-specific. Up-to-date with current statutes

  ----  Option to "spring" into effect upon incapacity or disability

  ----  Business operations clauses
  ----  Digital assets clause
  ----  HIPPA representative clause
  ----  Add or delete agent powers.

  ----  Excellent addition to a comprehensive estate plan


  ----  Open in any word processor, PC, or Mac.

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  ----  Fully customize all text

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10 day money back guarantee

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10 Day Money Back Guarantee

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