What is a pour-over will?
A pour-over will is a last will and testament configured as a "catch-all" to transfer into the living trust all property not explicitly transferred into the trust before the grantor's death. 

Do I need a last will and testament in addition to a living trust?

Though not legally required, we recommend a pour-over will in conjunction with a living trust. Even if most of your property is in your revocable living trust, there will be items such as furniture, incidentals, bank accounts, and clothing not mentioned in the living trust. A pour-over will is used as a "catch-all" to transfer into the living trust all property not explicitly transferred into the trust before the grantor's death. 

Does a pour-over will require probate?

A pour-over will requires a probate proceeding to transfer property to the living trust. Many states have a "small estate" procedure for estates valued less than $50,000 - $100,000. In those instances, the small estate procedure can be used instead of probate.

Where should I keep my pour-over will?

If you execute a pour-over will (recommended) you should keep it with your revocable living trust or you can file it with the county, where applicable.

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A pour-over will is a testamentary device that decrees the property in a testator's estate at the time of their death will be distributed to the Trustee of a trust. It serves as a vehicle to pour property into a previously established trust.

The pour-over clause is applied at the end of probate when the estate assets "pour" into the trust. For a pour-over will to be valid, the trust instrument must be executed concurrently with or before the pour-over will. 

Use a pour-over last will and testament in conjunction with a revocable living trust.

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A pour-over will has one beneficiary, a trust. A pour-over last will and testament channels assets back to the revocable living trust after probate.



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