Transferring real estate into a revocable living trust requires retitling of the deed. The appropriate deed conveys the property from the owner as an individual(s) to the owners as trustee(s) of the living trust. Homes and rental property must be retitled to a revocable living trust for the transfer to be valid.

A pitfall of transferring real property to a trust is losing title insurance. Title insurance does not pass with the transfer. A unique configuration of warranties incorporated into the deed can keep the title insurance tied to the property.

Many armchair accountants and attorneys suggest the use of a quitclaim deed. In many states, the courts have ruled transfer to a revocable trust via quitclaim deed invalid. Disappointed heirs frequently exploit such transfers.

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Re-title real estate from the grantor to the grantor as trustee of the revocable living trust. Use a customized property deed to retain title insurance.


Download includes two state-specific deed forms:

  ---- Individual Grantor to Living Trust configuration

  ---- Two Individuals as Grantors to Living Trust configuration

  ---- + Completed examples

  ---- Rich text format. Opens in any word processor.

Living Trust Real Estate Deed Features:

  ---- State-specific. Up-to-date with current statutes

  ---- Conveyance to trustee(s) of a revocable living trust

  ---- Will not trigger mortgage default

  ---- Maintains a tie to real estate title insurance

  ---- Complete using information from current deed


  ---- Safe. All information stays on your computer

  ---- Open in any word processor, PC, or Mac.

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